Innovation is the Mindset.

Innovation is the Mindset.

Today’s consumers demand growth. Now more than ever, consumers want choice. They seek products and services that give them exactly what they want, when they want and how they want, and they have the power to drive newer and newer technologies every day.

It is because of sophisticated customers that the media entertainment industry has changed dramatically even over the past year. Consumers have access to content that is served up everywhere. In this industry, it is hard to keep up. The most relevant content providers around offer digital accelerators that provide such content – much of it now originally produced. Consumers drive content on the go, streamed, DVR’d, multi-room DVR’d, on tablets, computers, phones, TV’s devoid of set-top boxes with the use of a simplistic, easy to use app.

The drive for access is impacting how we in the media entertainment industry invest in and unveil our annual roadmaps, because today is about providing real-time connection to the consumer. And with content comes access to faster content through WiFi connections everywhere. Hotspots connect the consumer within a neighborhood drive by or a stop at the light or virtually anywhere today.

Such technologies show the power of innovation and its ability to transform a consumer experience. As we view programming on our computers, iPads, cell phones, over the Internet, via set-top boxes and through gaming systems like the Xbox and PS3, we also have smart TVs that offer more than just viewing. Computers are no longer needed as one can have a holistic experience and relationship with their remote. I can check email, answer the phone and play my favorite game; all while watching my favorite show, purchasing the dress that the actor was wearing, and talking with my friends on Facebook.

Content is king as they say and so is the consumer experience. And it’s a great time to be leading the world of technology by catering to this culture of ‘now.’ Everyday the thinking in the office revolves around sharper, more precise ways to connect to consumers. It fuels the innovative thought and excitement around the content experience. And it allows us to get to know our consumers on a more personal level as they share insights and drive future investigations on how to provide more content at a faster scale. With consumers clearly in charge, there’s no time to let the competitors lead.

The world will move faster and consumers will continue to drive how they want to experience content and their holistic mobile lifestyles. On demand will take on a new meaning and soon we will see live content on the palm of our hands, if it doesn’t already exist somewhere. We will continue to build new momentum and drive a shift toward even greater, more immediate experiences.

And now, we can further dive into e-commerce and cater based upon Internet behaviors and serve up desires this way. Now, consumers can see offers that only resonate to their needs and their decisions and purchases can also be more immediate and more personalized. We can continue to serve based upon households and archetypes within those households. We can also deliver amazing products based upon cultures and ethnicity and cater in language to niche multi-generational households with the ability to build in ‘something for everyone.’

Why can we do all this? Because it’s a promise to serve and it’s based upon a relentless drive to stay in the digital lead. Digital lifestyles are here to stay and it’s up to us in the entertainment world to continually serve up a complete experience that feels so natural because it has been created on a personal household level.

That’s the most authentic way to drive innovation – to cater and cater and cater to consumers to the best of our digital ability…daily. It’s a mindset we can never ignore.

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