“Addressing cultural nuances amongst our consumers is not a trend, but a lifestyle shift.”

Today, when we think about potential customers, we have to think on a global level, even if targeting locally. Our marketplaces today are filled with unique households – and many that include very diverse cultures.

In order to gain new customer acquisitions, business must think about how to target on a very personal and culturally relevant scale.  When the time is taken to understand how to connect to culturally diverse customers authentically, then businesses can also experience market expansion Рas many customers from diverse ethnic backgrounds live amongst word-of-mouth communities. If you gain the trust of one cultural community member, you will most likely gain the trust of many connected members of that particular culture.

The key is to understand the unique differences of each. Investing by cultural obsession and pushing the boundaries to cater to multicultural audiences will mean a world of difference in building authentic, long-term customer relationships.