Think Culturally.

When we think about cultures, many things can come to mind. It can mean doing business internationally among many different cultures; it can mean catering to cultural audiences; and it can also mean working within an organizational culture to drive performance and success.

At JGS, we guide businesses to think about all things cultural…in today’s digital world. In order to cater to unique consumers, one must think about cultural differences and how those differences can have an impact on the bottom line. It means catering to cultural lifestyles, that no matter where they are from, they are most likely global and on the move.

Understanding cultures is the first step in building a business and market strategy. If your business seeks to target international or local ethnic consumers, it is imperative to know the difference between translating to these segments and transcreating, which means to communicate in a culturally relevant way – that speaks to their cultural digital lifestyles, needs and desires.

While targeting consumers, it is also important to have the support of all departments within an organization and that can drive deep levels of change management and adjustment.

And if your business strategy is to expand overseas or to simply market to ethnic and niche consumers, you must understand the global learning curve beyond basic levels of international etiquette. JGS is poised to help your business prepare and avoid falling victim to business misunderstandings and frustrations that lead to disconnects.

Understanding cultures is only part of the strategy – the rest involves time, effort, patience and goodwill – that will lead to key differentiators for your business to separate it from competitors.