In today’s world of globalization, the professional who is expected to work with many different cultures needs to be more than just culturally savvy.  Knowing how to manage culturally diverse situations is a vital tool that is essential for having a competitive global advantage.

Intercultural/cross-cultural training is no longer just for expats.  Today, it is used in schools and in business and community environments, where people from diverse cultures live and work together.

JGS offers tailored programs for business people seeking to better understand their foreign colleagues and clients, and works with senior management teams to help prepare them for working with international professionals whether they are local in the U.S. or located across the globe.

This includes:

  • Training business professionals and staff on cross cultural differences to achieve better results when working with different cultures
  • Guiding managers and executives seeking to leverage culture and shape it into a competitive advantage
  • Coaching management on success in presenting and negotiating across business cultures
  • Teaching professionals on how to communicate effectively and appropriately with a wide variety of cultural contexts
  • Preparing business professionals with cultural history and nuances about a host country, prior to visiting country for business meetings

JGS provides relevant knowledge and information about specific cultures that are engaging more and more with American business cultures.  JGS offers cross-cultural expertise in Latin American, Western European and Asian countries.