When it comes to potential customers in your footprint that come from many different cultures, it is imperative to step into the unknown and learn about cultural lifestyles.   The needs of many ethnic consumers are different based upon their unique communities and way of life. Whether foreign-born or born in the U.S., many ethnic consumers seek to keep their cultural way of life and expect brands to cater to them today.

At JGS, our goal is to help your organization establish a cultural SWOT to develop a multicultural strategy that focuses on content innovation to drive new customer acquisitions. We are poised to lead your company in developing a more culturally relevant customer experience to drive consumer engagement and long-term loyalty.

This includes:

  • Understanding levels of assimilation and acculturation to precisely target ethnic communities
  • Consumer segmentation strategies to provide go-to-market plans, customer engagement, and social media content creation that leads digital brand connections
  • Building competitive benchmarks in all key strategic cultural analysis to drive key differentiation in the marketplace
  • Transcreational (cultural) brand building integrating total market inclusion & omni-channel market strategies
  • Engaging in a departmental mindset of innovation that caters to each consumer across all company touch points
  • Leading collaboration and implementation of cultural-inclusion and transcreation that speaks to ethnic consumers in a culturally relevant way that will drive best customer experience and levels of engagement
  • Managing and improving upon all facets of a multicultural strategy that includes market planning and analysis, customer insights, strategy and new product development, segmentation, go-to-market strategies, and customer onboarding and lifestyle management – to ensure long term profitability
  • Building profitable growth through pricing discipline, targeting, loyalty and retention, e-commerce and other retail experiences, product innovation, and operational efficiencies